Le Repère du Yéti

My role

I led the creation of the branding, the logo, the website and the advertising campaigns of Le Repère du Yéti, a swiss ski shop based in Delémont, Jura.

Leading the art direction of a ski shop

Do you want to hear that crazy story ?

Chapter one


Le Repère du Yéti, what is it ?

The business and what it needed

The former owners of the ski shop were managing the business in what we can call an "old school way": a logo made by the nephew of the nearby friend (quite literally), a website that looked the an ex-USSR packaging and no advertising whatsoever (apart form word-of-mouth).

Everything was to be reinvented. Except...

Except the previous owners had some serious skills and dedication involve in that business. In terms of customers satisfaction and level of service provided to clients, it the bar was set pretty high. The interior was a splendid wooden interior with authentic beams and floor.

In other words: the business needed:

  • a new soul
  • a fresh look
  • and some advertising!

Listen, I have just one little detail to add...

Make it super, super quick !

This work was literally a sprint.

I had three to four weeks to make pretty much everything before the opening of the shop.

I prioritised the work and got into in straight away.

For the prints, I was working with a nice local printer based in Porrentruy to make all the physical advertising.

Chapter two


My first little pleasure was to tell myself:

Let's design some Yetis !

Logo design

I'm going to tell you a secret: yetis don't exist. So, I had to choose what a yeti could look like.

One of my main goals was to give the business a soul. So I wanted to create a yeti that could bring a new, fresh look and be the new icon.

Make it look cute, but also cool

One of the requirements here was to make it look cute (for kids) but also cool (for younger ski riders or adults). 


Process & first "sketch"


Let's go further, and

Create the whole universe

Make it look cooler

I created the whole univers around the yeti. From the mountains, to the ski lift, marmot, birds, nature, etc..

Social medias


Designing icons and make the storytelling consistent throughout all media platforms.

Giving credit to what has been done before

Historical posters on the wall

Creating posters explaining the story of the ski shop

It must be seen from the outside..

Changing the front



The digital side, of course...

The website



Create a new video style to fit the new, fresh business

Some videos / quick motion designs

Chapter three


It was a pleasure to making it look cool...

Looking back

Reviewing my goals

Earlier in the project, I decided to set the following goals:

  • a new soul
  • a fresh look
  • advertise much more

Have I met these goals ?

For the most part, yes. It's been a crazy (short) journey to make it all happen !

Keep in mind that I had 3-4 weeks to do it all..

I'm now working on some digital advertising for the business.