• eCommerce website

I led the strategy, research & design of an eCommerce website. I worked closely with stakeholders and users to evolve the user experience.

  • User research & strategy
  • competition analysis
  • Price point testing
  • User testing
  • Mockups and prototypes
  • Teamwork with stakeholders
  • Heatmaps & Screen recording
  • Analytics and ongoing development

An eCommerce website for bike riders


The client

Ride Factory is a young and dynamic swiss company selling bikes and skis online. It provides young riders as well as families with sports goods and services. Its presence is both offline (real physical shop) and online with an e-commerce store.

Personas & Customers Jobs & Pains

Understanding the user

The typical profile is a 19-26 yo corporate worker with the willingness to have fun after a day at work and to enjoy being outside. This person wants to break the 9-5 routine with an exciting activity.

Generating ideas with


Architecture, menu and organizing products

Focusing on the shop architecture

Mapping out the general structure to organize thinking

Mapping out the general structure of the shop and organizing products

By mapping out, I could understand the general structure of information and how things relate to each other.

Engaging into a convergent phase and narrowing down the selection

Displaying the same information, differently


Concept design #1

Dynamic sorting inside the page

Design concept #2

Dynamic sorting inside the menu

Design concept #3

Mega option menu

Design concept #4

Display menu on click


Concept design #1

Display menu on click

Design concept #2

Categories on the side, V1

Design concept #3

Categories on the side, V2

Checking prototypes with users

User Testing & User Flows

Selecting the winning solutions

Wireframes selection


  • "All-in-one" overview to increase findability
  • "All-in-one" overview to reduce cognitive load 
  • Dynamic sorting inside the page allowing good search ability between different categories
  • Can include current ad banner inside the menu and wide possibility of testing further features in the future
  • Easily implementable in development


  • Keep the same mobile version structure
  • "All-in-one" view to reduce cognitive load
  • "All-in-one" view to increase findability
  • Easily implementable in development

Analysing user behaviour

Heatmaps & Screen Recordings


Checks clicks and behaviour

Screen recordings study

I find screen recording extremely useful to track behaviour and to grasp a good understanding of product findability.

Impact, quantitative data and analytics

Coming soon...

My goals and metrics, using Google Analytics

I decided to set the following goals:

  • increase findability
  • decrease cognitive load
  • keep it simple and easy to implement in development